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What do you think the wxWiki lacks? What should be done different? Put it down here and see what other people think...

(Listed in order of priority)

  • Wishlist: Automatic linked summary of sections/headers/subtitles at the top of pages (like wikipedia page contents).
  • No captcha verification for previewing edits (discourages previews).
  • What happened to the previous revisions? When I go to "view other revisions" I only see the last 3 or so.
    • i believe they time-out and get deleted after some time -ARN
  • linking to headers within a page (with html anchors) would be nice, mostly for making wx-like documentatation - see WxWiki WxCaret.
    • Not a priority to me, patches probably accepted. -ARN
  • Linkage support for constants such as __WINDOWS__ (listed here)
    • well they don't really have their own page, just one line explaining them.. maybe with the 'acronym' tag.. not a priority for me, will accept patch. -ARN
  • Add "Edit text of this page | View other revisions | Break out of frames" to top links bar...
    • nice idea, willdo -ARN
  • What about putting an image near normal links like the references to wx-stuff like wxWindow ?
    • might be nice. willdo if anyone contributes an image (maybe the 'block' in blue)
  • See the "DECLARE_DYNAMIC_CLASS() and IMPLEMENT_DYNAMIC_CLASS( , )" header in WxWidgets Source Oddities. Now make the browser window small - it cuts the bottom half off of the top line in the header...
    • Try the STYLE="" in the next bullet also - RN
      • Though agreed it's not pretty, not sure what you'd want here -ARN
  • See how the link color is the same as the headers in TODO?
    • Links are blue, just don't use them in headings :). 'fraid there's no easy way to fix this otherwise (do you know one?) -ARN
      • What about sticking stuff in the STYLE="" field of headers? I.E. '<h1 style="a {color:white;}"></h1 style="a {color:blue;}">'
        • That doesn't appear to work: <html>

<font style="a { color: black; }">text with a <a href="foo">link</a></font> </html>

  • What about using MediaWiki? Sample -- SandroSigala
    • Would be nice, I would consider switching if someone could provide a script to convert all current contents to the new system. Mail me privately -ARN
  • a feature to post feature requests, bugs, etc., when they are posted on sourceforge, in the Developers Notebook section of wxWiki.
    • Don't see how that would be useful. you can just add comments to sourceforge entries, too. An easier way for linking to sourceforge pages might be nice, but for now just manually linking works fine i think. -ARN
  • A small note - the first letter after the wxWiki: on the title is automatically capitalized whether it is capitalized in practice or not (I.E. wxWiki == WxWiki - looks kind of odd :\).
    • Not a priority for me - patches appreciated. -ARN
  • I can't figure out where to post questions that I don't have the answers to. Even the FAQ only seems to contain questions that already have answers. -- hendrik
  • Again, notice the problem with the header below?

wxFileSystem and wxFileSystem

    • the first one isn't highlighted...
  • What Wiki software is used here?
  • Many wikis have a way to export their RecentChanges page as XML or RSS. Does WxWiki have this feature?
    • Nice idea, will look into it some day. Currently not implemented though.
  • Make it so that the Wiki generates "Valid HTML"
    • no priority as far as i'm concerned -ARN
  • Arbitrary directory depth (i.e. only XXX and XXX/XXX is supported, no XXX/XXX/XXX)
    • patches for this are greatly appreciated, i doubt i'll have time for it -ARN
      • I read at the UseModWiki site that this would not be supported... - RN
  • Returns don't become '<br>' tags
    • not really a problem imho, i might consider it if someone submits a patch -ARN
        • The UseModWiki site/forums noted that this wouldn't be supported.. - RN
  • Make this Wiki password protected. I don't mind logging in, but spam revertion gets really tiring. When I look at recent changes, everytday SPAM hits the wxWiki fan :-(

Anti-spam Measures you might like to consider:

  • Require users to enter a username and password on the settings area (ie. they must have a user account) - Athon Solo
  • Require users to enter a 'Summary' when submitting entries - Athon Solo
  • When changes include a non-whitelisted external link, fail the change. External links can be added to the whitelist at a different page (possibly with anti-bot features). - DFS
  • Keyword blacklist for edits. There is almost certainly no legitmiate need for "casino" or "hentai" in the wiki. - Arkanes
    • There certainly was in that suggestion! - Hendrik
  • Put a one-click "revert to last version" link - at least make it easy to remove spam. - Spam-Remover