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This page is to replace once all content has been correctly transferred.

NOTE that it is the file Wx-Config which defines the port/platform (MSW, GTK, GTK2, ...) you're currently using!

||Platform||Compiler||Status||Tested by||Remarks|| ||Win32 (Win 9x/NT/2K/XP)||Visual C++ 4.2/5.x/6.0||ok||VZ, JS||Project files are provided for all versions except 4.2|| || ||Borland C++ 5.0||ok|| ||Also works with free command line Borland C++ 5.5|| || ||Mingw32||ok||GRG, VZ||Cross compilation from Linux works as well. Version 2.95.2 recommended, otherwise some (included) patches must be applied. Memory debugging code doesn't seem to work well|| || ||Cygwin||ok||Stephane Junique Andrea Venturoli||tested under NT 4, cross-compiling for mingw also works|| || ||Watcom C++ 10||ok||JS||Tested with 10.6: works, but wxImage seems to be broken. no support for JPEG, TIFF or OpenGL|| || ||Watcom C++ 11||ok||Markus Neifer||Tested with 11.0b under win95|| || ||Open Watcom 1.0||ok||Chris Elliott||Tested with 1.0 under W2K(?)|| || ||Digital Mars (was Symantec C++)||ok||Chris Elliott||Tested with 8.34beta, 2.5.1 tested with 8.40|| ||Win16 (Windows 3.1)||Visual C++ 1.52||partial|| ||Some features are missing (OLE related classes, threads, ...)|| || ||Borland C++ 4.0/5.0||partial||JS||can't cope with ODBC, resources and new wxGrid class. Last tested in wxWidgets 2.2.7.|| ||Linux x86||wxGTK with gcc 2.7.2 || not supported || ||Should work, but nobody uses it any more|| || ||wxGTK with egcs 1.1.1 || ok ||VZ, RR|| || ||wxGTK with gcc 2.95 || ok || || ||wxMotif with egcs 1.1.1 || ok || || with LessTif 0.87|| || ||wxMotif with gcc 2.95 || ok || || with OpenMotif|| ||FreeBSD||all versions between 3.2 and 5.1 x86 || ok ||VZ || ||NetBSD||1.6, Alpha || ok ||VZ || ||OpenBSD||3.1, Alpha || ok ||VZ ||Some problems with shared libraries, ok with static ones|| ||Solaris||wxMotif with Sun CC 4.2|| ok ||VZ|| Thread support must be disabled on system with not MT-safe X11|| || ||wxMotif with gcc || ok || || ||wxGTK with Sun CC 4.2 || ok || || ||wxGTK with gcc || ok || || ||wxGTK with Sun CC 5.0 and 6.1 (Solaris 7 and 8) || ok ||Jiri Mracek ||You have to edit line 2079 in glib.h to fix GTK+ error|| ||AIX||wxGTK 2.2.9 with gcc 3.0.4 || ok || Ian Brown ||Shared library building doesn't work, use --disable-shared|| || ||wxGTK 2.3.3 with xlC (AIX 4.3.2) || ok || Irvin Probst ||Both static and shared wxGTK libraries work, but only with static GTK+ and GLib|| || ||wxMotif with xlC (AIX 4.2) || ok || Bernhard Eck ||Some problems with OpenGL and native X server|| ||HP-UX 10.20||wxGTK with HP CC A.10.22 || || ||or HP aCC B3910B A.01.18 || ok ||Staf Verhaegen ||you need to add -Aa -D_HPUX_SOURCE to CFLAGS|| || ||wxGTK with gcc || ok || ||Julian Albo Garcia || ||IRIX|| || || ||Note that all entries use MIPSPro 7.3 compiler on IRIX 6.5.9 with -mips3 -n32 flags if not mentioned otherwise. Also note that you need to set LD_LIBRARYN32_PATH under IRIX to run wxWidgets programs.|| ||wxGTK 2.2 | ok |Ian |You may need to use --disable-catch_segvs if you get compiler error in utilsunx.cpp ||wxGTK 2.3 | ok |Carl Godkin | ||wxMotif | ok |David Marshall On IRIX 6.5.6 (Indigo2, 64bit), with SGI Motif 1.2 Ian | ||SCO UnixWare||wxGTK with gcc || ok ||William Suetholz ||UnixWare 2.1.3 with UnixWare 7 compatibility PTF|| ||DEC OSF/1||wxGTK with gcc || ok ||Fabrice Didierjean ||OSF1 4.0 on Dec Alpha - you may need to run configure with --host=alpha-dec-osf switch|| ||OS/2|| VisualAge 3.0/4.0 || not working ||DW || ||EMX|| || not working || || SN|| || ||wxGTK with EMX || ok ||SN ||configure scripts need to be regenerated with OS/2 port of autoconf|| || ||wxMotif with EMX || ok ||SN ||with LessTif 0.89; configure scripts need to be regenerated with OS/2 port of autoconf|| ||OpenVMS||wxGTK with Compaq-C++ V6.2 (OpenVMS Alpha 7.3) || ok ||Jouk Jansen || ||Linux S/390||wxGTK with gcc 2.95.2 || ok || VZ ||2.3.1+ only||