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This page aims to provide an overview what resources (documentation, communication channels, etc) are available to wxWidgets programmers. wxWidgets documentation is rather fragmented, so new users are encouraged to read this document to quickly find their way in the available channels.

Reference material

The wxWidgets Documentation Browser provides a nice frontend for searching though various resources.


Getting Help

  • The GMane [1] group gmane.comp.lib.wxwindows.general is also a (two way) mirror of the wx-users mailing list.
  • The official wxWidgets Discussion Forum.
  • The '#wxwidgets' IRC channel on freenode ( is usually not very crowded, but the folks are generally well-tempered and helpful. Drop by, share the fun!

Deeper tech docs

In 'docs/tech' directory of the distribution, there is documentation that is only interesting for people who make changes to wxWidgets itself.