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Welcome to the wxWiki!
The most comprehensive source of information about the wxWidgets project.
976 pages and files contributed by our 1,773 registered users

General Information

Language bindings, toolkit comparisons, prerequisites, FAQs, and more...

  • About - what is wxWidgets anyway?
  • Resources - includes external links to 3rd party documentation and other sources of information
  • Download - provides links to wxWidgets various packages and releases
  • License - legal information for the framework and its derivatives


Rapid application development, build management, debugging, testing, documenting, and more...

Help and Support

Other locations to look for help, documentation, guides, tutorials, and more...

  • Troubleshooting - provides solutions to common problems with the framework
  • Questions and Answers - is a place where users can post questions and have them answered by other developers and community memebers
  • Frequently Asked Questions - skim this (and the other FAQs mentioned within) before jumping into wxWidgets to avoid running into common problems

Guides & Tutorials

Setting up your IDE, platform specific tips, installers, internationalization, executable size, XML, RTTI, networking, and more...


Class specific notes and documentation (both official and contributed), functions, and macros.


Information and discussion regarding the development of the wxWidgets library itself.

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