Linking With Gtk And Running On Any Linux

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I spent time understanding how to compile a wx application for binary delivery on any linux distrib. I did not solve all problems, but this is a start. Please consider that I compiled wxwidgets with gtk2 statically monolithic (--disable-shared --enable-monolithic)

  • Remember that GTK is licensed under LGPL, which essentially means that in order to link it to your application _statically_, your application will have to be (L)GPL-licensed.
    • You should note that in most cases (if not all cases), GTK is linked dynamically. Using the --disable-shared option of configure with wxGTK links wxGTK into your program statically, but not GTK+ itself, which will usually still be linked dynamically. --Tierra 09:28, 7 August 2007 (PDT)

Basic Steps

Using the command line prompt in root mode, do:

wxWidgets 2.9.2

wxGTK 2.8.12


If you want wxMediaCtrl (mediaplayer), you'll probably change the script to:

  • apt-get install libgconf2-dev
  • apt-get install libgstreamer0.10-dev
  • apt-get install libgstreamer-plugins-base0.10-dev
  • ../configure --with-gtk --enable-debug --enable-mediactrl

You can install in a specific directory with:

  • --prefix=/path/to/INSTALL_XYZ

If you get a gtk+-2.0.pc error this can be found in:

  • apt-get install libgtk2.0-dev

Good luck - Steve Cookson

Some Information

I've added to my configure command the following options : --with-gtk --with-libpng=builtin --with-zlib=builtin --with-libjpeg=builtin --with-regex=builtin --with-expat=builtin

without these "builtin", the sample apps claims for while is present, and the radiobox/buttons/notebook etc. did not appear correctly.

  • I had to update my binutils package in order to link the opengl sample.
  • Do not try to link purely static with all libs. First they are not fully compatible at run time, second you will have a BIG problem finding the order of all -l* in the link command.
  • Look at some info about linking on linux.
  • The command "nm -Bog /usr/lib/*" will give you all functions declared in all libraries (use grep to select).
  • The command "ldd myapplication" will give your all shared libraries needed by this program.

Riccardo Cohen. PS: Please feel free to add anything to improve this topic.

Solution 1

by Milan Kupcevic

If you do not need OpenGL, use wxGTK2-static-devel rpm from, compile your super-application on virgin RedHat 8.0 (i386) for i386 binary (it will run on x86_64 too) and on virgin Yellow Dog 3.0 for ppc binary; your binaries will work on virtually all i386, x86_64, and ppc linux distros in use today.

It was reported that these binaries run on:

  • i386 distros:
    • Red Hat Linux 8
    • Red Hat Linux 9
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3
    • Fedora Core 1
    • Fedora Core 2
    • Mandrake Linux 9
    • Mandrake Linux 10
    • Suse 8.1
    • Suse 9
    • Sun JDS 2003 Linux
    • Sun JDS 2 Linux
    • Ubuntu Linux 4
    • Ubuntu Linux 5
  • ppc distros:
    • Yellow Dog 3
    • Yellow Dog 4
    • Mandrake Linux 9.1
    • Ubuntu Linux 4
    • Ubuntu Linux 5

Feel free to add your distribution if binaries compiled this way work on it.