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Main article: Getting Started with wxWidgets

People who are completely new to wxWidgets would normally follow the steps illustrated below. See the main article for more details.


Installing wxWidgets and Setting up Your IDE

For an overview of IDEs that have been reported to work with wxWidgets, see the list of IDEs.

Your main guide for compiling wxWidgets should be the installation instructions : Look in <code-base-dir>/docs/.

This section needs a lot of cleanup and reorganization. If there's anyone that can merge same IDE/Compiler version guides (there's duplicates of a few) if you work on that platform/version, any help would be appreciated.


Install wxWidgets :

Going further :

Outdated/legacy/incomplete :

Mac OS

Installing wxMac :

Using wxMac :


Installing wxWidgets :

Using wx from your favorite IDE :

A binary package for all distributions :

Cross-compilation :

Other :



The following guides involve multiple platforms or compilers, they need to be split up and merged into one of the above guides.