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This space can be used to arrange meetings between wxWidgets developers/users. If you're interested in meeting up with other wxWidgets users in your vicinity, you can add an item. Or you could set a time and a place, and then add a link to a writeup and photos of the meeting.

For example:

Joe Bloggs, London

Joe Bloggs is interested in meeting other wxWidgets enthusiasts who live in London or the surrounding area, or who are passing through. Email [email protected]. (Note that this is a dummy item! Do not mail Joe Bloggs.)

Alec Ross, London

Alec is interested in meeting other wxWidgets users who live in London or the surrounding area, or who are passing through. Email: [email protected]

Tours - France

Hi, I'm Riccardo Cohen, and work on Statistical Cartography ([email protected])

Bob McCown, Littleton, Massachusetts, USA

I telecommute for a company in Chicago. I'm currently porting our Win32 apps to Mac and Linux using wxWidgets. I can be reached at [email protected].

Cristina, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Hi, I'm Cristina, developer in a small company making big projects :-) We're using wxWidgets and wxPython in our applications. You may reach me at public.cai@@gmail.com.

Paulo Abreu, Lisbon, Portugal

I'm a physicist, working on plasma physics in a research group. I use wxWidgets to develop GUIs for applications we need, usually on the Mac, but sometimes on Linux too. If you're in Lisbon or around, just send me an email: paulotex at ist.utl.pt.

Michael Kesler, Fort Worth, Texas, USA

I'm a help-desk agent and hobbiest programmer. I use wxWidgets wherever I can get away with it do to the nature of wx. I can be reached via e-mail at: kaze at packhouse dot org

Mattia Barbon, Florence, Italy

I am wxPerl author and I use wxWidgets through wxPerl. E-mail: mbarbon at cpan dot org

Spicerun, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas, USA

I'm an Embedded Electronics Hardware/Firmware Engineer who is doing a few wxGTK projects for the education, and experience. You can see my profile on sourceforge.net, and I hope one day that creating my own wxGTK applications will be my full-time job. I can be reached at spicerun AT gmail d0t com

Marcio Andrey Oliveira, Sao Paulo, Brazil

I am an Electronics Engineer and a professional programmer. I use wxWidgets under MSW and Linux. I am interested in meeting other wx users from Brazil to promote wxWidgets. You can find me here: marcioandreyoliveira at gmail dot com

Ivo Nascimento, Sao Paulo - Brasil

I'm interested meeting another developers from Brasil to talk about development ideas. iannsp at gmail dot com

Jamie Carl, Canberra, Australia

I am a full time programmer for a local accounting firm and use wxWidgets for developing a financial planning package. I'm interested in meeting other wxWidgets enthusiasts who live in Canberra or the surrounding area, who are will to willing to exchange thoughts and ideas or even just partake in a beer or 10. Email: [email protected]

Cristian, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Hi, I'm Cristian, I'm C++ developer for a local software company and I use wxWidgets for developing MSW and Mac applications. You can contact me at [email protected] .