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Disclaimer: note that even if most controls are working, some ones has still minor methods not implemented. YMMV

Category Class Status Notes
Managed windows wxTopLevelWindow Yes Some methods still not implemented (maximize, minimize, etc.)
wxDialog Yes
wxFrame Yes
wxMDIChildFrame Yes
wxMDIParentFrame Yes Some glitches with controls inside MDI area (seems not fully supported by Qt)
wxMiniFrame Yes No "mini" title bar in Ubuntu (same size as wxFrame, Qt styling?)
wxSplashScreen Yes Generic
wxTipWindow Yes Generic.
wxWizard Yes Generic
wxAuiManager et al Partial Generic, but has some issues with mouse capturing and windows styling.
Miscellaneous windows wxPanel Yes Generic
wxScrolledWindow Yes Scrolling implementation on wxWindow (using Qt QScrollArea)
wxHtmlWindow Yes Generic. Drawing almost ok, seems to be issues on mouse / scrolling
wxGrid Yes Generic. Some minor drawing glitches due clipping issues with Qt
wxSplitterWindow Yes Generic, some minor drawing and mouse glitches
wxStatusBar Yes No size/borders getters. Reusing a status bar seems not supported in Qt.
wxToolBar Yes
wxNotebook Yes
wxListbook Untested (probably working)
wxChoicebook Untested (probably working)
wxTreebook Untested (probably working)
wxSashWindow Partial Generic. Some drawing glitches
wxSashLayoutWindow Generic. Untested (probably working)
wxVScrolledWindow Yes
wxWizardPage Yes Generic.
wxWizardPageSimple Yes Generic
Common dialogs wxColourDialog Yes
wxDirDialog Yes
wxFileDialog Yes
wxFindReplaceDialog Yes
wxMultiChoiceDialog Yes
wxSingleChoiceDialog Yes
wxTextEntryDialog Yes
wxPasswordEntryDialog Yes
wxFontDialog Yes
wxPageSetupDialog No
wxPrintDialog No
wxProgressDialog Yes
wxMessageDialog Yes
wxSymbolPickerDialog Generic
wxRichTextFormattingDialog Generic
Controls wxAnimationCtrl Yes Generic
wxControl Yes
wxButton Yes
wxBitmapButton Yes
wxBitmapComboBox No Generic. (same issues that generic combo). Implement native?
wxToggleButton Yes
wxCalendarCtrl Yes
wxCheckBox Yes
wxCheckListBox Yes
wxChoice Yes
wxComboBox Yes
wxComboCtrl No Generic. Untested (probably not working)
wxDataViewCtrl No Mostly unimplemented. Use generic?
wxGauge Yes
wxGenericDirCtrl Generic. Untested
wxHtmlListBox Generic. Untested (probably not working)
wxSimpleHtmlListBox Generic. Untested (probably not working)
wxStaticBox Yes
wxListBox Yes
wxListCtrl Partial Almost complete but missing ordering, virtual and other minor features
wxOwnerDrawnComboBox No Generic. Many drawing issues (ie popup with title bar and empty).
wxRichTextCtrl No Generic. Crash on Qt painting
wxTextCtrl Yes Cut & Paste and other minor methods missing
wxTreeCtrl Yes Generic. Working Perfect!
wxScrollBar Yes
wxSpinButton Yes
wxSpinCtrl Yes
wxStaticText Yes
wxHyperlinkCtrl Partial Generic. Drawing issues
wxStaticBitmap Yes
wxRadioBox Yes
wxRadioButton Yes
wxSlider Yes
wxWebView No Missing implementation, can be a wrapper over QWebView class (QtWebKit 5.3)
Menus wxMenu Yes
wxMenuBar Yes Reusing a menu bar seems not supported in Qt.
wxMenuItem Partial Missing accelerators and bitmaps/icons
Device contexts wxClientDC Yes QPicture replay of drawing operations works in most occasions
wxPaintDC Yes Apparently some Qt mysterious painting issues.
wxClientDC Yes Using QPicture to replay almost all drawing ops (Qt doesn't support painting outside the event).
wxWindowDC Yes
wxScreenDC No
wxDC Yes
wxMemoryDC Yes Uses intermediate QImage (may not draw if bitmap is not deselected correctly)
wxMetafileDC No
wxPrinterDC No
Graphics device interface wxColour Yes
wxDCClipper Yes
wxBitmap Yes Missing some methods (ie. unget raw data)
wxBrush Yes
wxCursor Yes Missing some stock cursors in Qt
wxFont Yes Missing some features (ie. font enumerator and encoding)
wxIcon Yes
wxImage Yes Generic
wxMask Yes
wxPen Yes
wxPalette No
wxRegion Yes
wxRendererNative No
wxGraphicsRenderer Partial Using generic wxCairoRenderer (still missing direct cairo qt surface support)
Events Event handling Yes from wxWindow/QWidget
Signal handling Yes
FD monitoring Yes FDIO (sockets) and Source Event Loop
Printing framework wxPreviewFrame No
wxPreviewCanvas No
wxPreviewControlBar No
wxPrintDialog No
wxPageSetupDialog No
wxPrinter No
wxPrinterDC No
wxPrintout No
wxPrintPreview No
wxPrintData No
wxPrintDialogData No
wxPageSetupDialogData No
Drag and drop and clipboard classes wxDataObject Partial Not fully tested
wxDataFormat Partial Not fully tested
wxTextDataObject Not tested
wxFileDataObject Not tested
wxBitmapDataObject Not tested
wxURLDataObject Not tested
wxCustomDataObject Not tested
wxClipboard Yes Initial support, not fully tested.
wxDropTarget No
wxFileDropTarget No
wxTextDropTarget No
wxDropSource No
Miscellaneous wxApp Yes
wxCaret Generic
wxConfig Generic
wxDisplay No
wxEventLoop Partial Qt's app & dialogs event loops works ok, but nested implementation is not optimal (i.e. for wxExecute)
wxGLCanvas Yes Some drawing issues
wxGLContext Yes Some drawing issues
wxProcess Generic
wxTaskBarIcon No Mostly unimplemented. use x11 generic like gtk?
wxToolTip No Not implemented
wxTimer Yes
wxMimeTypesManager Generic
wxSystemSettings Yes (some settings could be missing)
wxAcceleratorTable Yes
wxAutomationObject No
wxFontMapper No
wxSingleInstanceChecker Generic