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wxOTL is a free experimental wxWidgets library for the Oracle, Odbc and DB2-CLI Template Library which is a free ANSI C++ (template) based library for accessing databases, It provides a simple layer on top of ODBC, DB2 CLI, and Oracle's OCI library to connect to a database. The library consists of a single C++ header file.
Website: http://otl.sourceforge.net

The first goal is to provide alternative database connectivity for wxWidgets using OTL. The core of the wxOTL library consists of 2 classes that define a database interface:

  • wxOTLConnection: an abstract database connection
  • wxOTLStream: an abstract SQL statement, PL/SQL block or strored procedure that is characterized by input and output variables.

The real behaviour of the database interface is implemented in subclasses. In this way, different subclasses of wxOTLStream and wxOTLConnection implement different types of database interfaces. (e.g. odbc interface and Oracle OCI interface)

The second goal is to provide new database aware wxWidgets widgets : e.g. listboxes, comboboxes, and database grid widgets that can be populated by database queries, editable database grids, database connection dialogs, etc...

wxOTL also integrates database specific error handling by providing database exception classes and supports wxWidgets specific datatypes (e.g wxString and wxVariant).