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wxGhostscript is a collection of classes, the main one of which is wxGhostscript itself, which encapsulates the functionality of Ghostscript via the Ghostscript shared library (.dll, .so, etc.) in a platform-independent way.

The classes provide the ability to link to the Ghostscript shared library, which can be anywhere on the file system, optionally specify the location of the fonts and library directories (wxGsDll). Ghostscript itself can then be run under full control of the application, suspending and resuming as required during its active lifetime (wxGhostscript). The image(s) that Ghostscript produces are held offscreen and can be transferred to any device context or into a wxImage or wxBitmap (wxGsImage). The library also provides a self-managing display window which can be placed in any frame or on any other containing window (wxGsWindow). This window automatically provides scroll bars when needed and centralises the image on the window when it is smaller than the window bounds.

Web Site: http://wxghostscript.sf.net

This includes:

  • wxGsDll
  • wxGhostscript
  • wxGsImage
  • wxGsWindow
  • wxGsTraceHost
  • wxGsVisualTracer