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This class is a wxDataViewCtrl which internally uses a wxDataViewListStore and forwards most of its API to that class.

The purpose of this class is to offer a simple way to display and edit a small table of data without having to write your own wxDataViewModel.


wxDataViewListCtrl *listctrl = new wxDataViewListCtrl( parent, wxID_ANY );
listctrl->AppendToggleColumn( "Toggle" );
listctrl->AppendTextColumn( "Text" );
wxVector<wxVariant> data;
data.push_back( wxVariant(true) );
data.push_back( wxVariant("row 1") );
listctrl->AppendItem( data );
data.push_back( wxVariant(false) );
data.push_back( wxVariant("row 3") );
listctrl->AppendItem( data );

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