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exploring ways to implement an event loop and get wxTimer support into wxBase

Someday, this will be part of wxWidgets. In that case, what would our ideal be?

1. wxUSE_TIMER flag would work with wxBase. It should be understood that timers will only run if an event loop of some kind is implemented

2. a new flag, or maybe use wxUSE_EVTLOOP_IN_APP to instantiate an event loop in wxBase (wxConsoleApp)

3. refactor events which don't need a GUI, like key commands, mouse events, socket events, etc., so they are usable in wxConsoleApp.

- is this really moving toward a wxTextGUI or something? Where you could have windows, buttons, etc. implemented with ASCII text? That would be handy for embedded apps with text-only LCD displays...

Acutually Event loop is implemented for unix as patch to wx 2.5.3 (see https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&atid=309863&aid=1113088&group_id=9863 for details)