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#include <wx/aboutdlg.h>


This function shows the standard about dialog containing the information specified in info.

If the current platform has a native about dialog which is capable of showing all the fields in info, the native dialog is used, otherwise the function falls back to the generic wxWidgets version of the dialog, i.e. does the same thing as wxGenericAboutBox.


Parameter Data Type Description
info const wxAboutDialogInfo & structure that contains the copyright and author information
parent wxWindow* the parent window, default is null

Return Values

void: This function does not return anything.

Example Call

void MyFrame::ShowSimpleAboutDialog(wxCommandEvent& WXUNUSED(event))
  wxAboutDialogInfo info;
  info.SetName(_("My Program"));
  info.SetVersion(_("1.2.3 Beta"));
  info.SetDescription(_("This program does something great."));
  info.SetCopyright(wxT("(C) 2013 Me <[email protected]>"));