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change on the page "Compiling and getting started"

I've undone your latest change to "Compiling and getting started" page because "--disable-shared" is not obsolete and is orthogonal to the debug changes in wx 3. --VZ (talk) 06:28, 21 September 2018 (MDT)

Error on my side. But the comment would be ok on a table line "--enable-shared" (aks create a debug version), correct?
I do not understand why you removed $PWD. I had a linux install where $(pwd) did not work, but $PWD did. On my current workstation they both produce valid output.
I don't understand why do you mix "shared" and "debug" together. They're completely orthogonal.
As for PWD, I mostly reverted it because it was part of the same edit, but it's also completely unnecessary, as pwd definitely should be available on any system capable of running configure, what do you mean by "it did not work"? Finally, I think it's a bad advice in the first place, but this is a different story... --VZ (talk) 06:28, 21 September 2018 (MDT)
I apologize, reading things that are not there. Somehow I was seeing "debug" where it said shared... Probably early alzheimer.
So my comment was based on the debug issue and I wanted to include that into the wiki because I found it so surprising. Now I still feel that is valuable information that should go in there, but maybe I am going to collect some Windows->Linux notes offline and put it into a own section in the future.
For example I noted that the libraries have a different naming convention libwxmsw29u_xrc vs libwx_gtj2u_xrc-2.9. Why not libwxgtk29u_xrc (or the other way around)?--Tigerbeard
Ok I see. With "Did not work" I meant, that using $(pwd) caused an error with configure when I followed the wiki instruction for the first time. I got stuck there for quite a while. After I changed it to $PWD it worked. That was the only change I did. I know, because I put it in our intranet wiki with the $PWD version to avoid trouble. It was a few days ago, so unfortunately I do not remember the error. On the current system I can not reproduce it. As they both work I would see the advantage that a windows person would recognize $PWD as a normal environment variable like $PATH in Windows. Where $(pwd) is an unknown syntax one would stuble across (like 'what's that again?'). I find you can work with Linux without knowing that syntax quite well (so far). So I am are not aware of any advantage (which I am sure it will have). Its just one of those little things where there is complexity with little added value for the wiki user - who should be a beginner by definition. But thats of course just my personal opinion. Sorry for the long text.
TLDR: you say its bad advice, so I wont put it back in.--Tigerbeard
Debug-related changes are documented relatively well, I think, but could be described here too, I guess, why not. As for the library naming, different systems use different conventions, there is no special reason why they should have the same names everywhere. Anyhow, please feel free to discuss this on wx-users or wx-dev mailing lists, I'm afraid Wiki is really not the most convenient medium for longer discussions. --VZ (talk) 07:09, 21 September 2018 (MDT)
Still I am grateful you've been so kind to read it and answer it at all. I an not sure yet to have grasped the debug differences, but I would be generally willing to add sth once I do. --Tigerbeard
section closed.