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Real Name: Bryan Petty (wxWidgets Developer: BP)

I've been using wxWidgets full-time from 2003 to 2010 for use with Phoenix Project Manager, have been the wxWiki admin since March, 2006, and was made an official developer around July, 2007.

Contributions to wxWidgets:

  • I serve as the administrator of this wiki.
  • Contributed the additions of the wx[H/V/HV]ScrolledWindow classes in 2.9 as a replacement for the old wxVScrolledWindow class with the help of Brad Anderson.
  • Designed the official wxWidgets logo currently in use.
  • Support in the form of over 1200 posts to the wxForum, over 800 posts to the mailing lists, and live help in the IRC channel for over 10 years.
  • Served a key role working side by side with Francesco Montorsi making the new, doxygen-based wxWidgets Manual possible as a replacement for the old LaTeX version.
  • I maintain and provide hosting for the,,,,, and domains.