Undocumented Parts Of WxWidgets

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List of macros/functions/classes etc. that are not currently documented.


From utils.h:

  • wxMin(a,b)
  • wxMax(a,b)

From defs.h:

  • wxDELETE(p) - delete pointer if it is not NULL and NULL it afterwards.
  • wxDELETEA(p) - delete an array pointer (if it is not NULL) and NULL it.
  • WXSIZEOF(array) - size of statically declared array.

These macros are defined in wxchar.h. Most are wrappers that translate a function into the ansi or unicode version as appropriate for the build.

  • wxIsalnum wxIsalpha wxIscntrl wxIsdigit wxIsgraph wxIslower wxIsprint wxIspunct wxIsspace wxIsupper wxIsxdigit
  • wxTolower wxToupper
  • wxStrcat wxStrchr wxStrcmp wxStrcoll wxStrcpy wxStrcspn wxStrlen wxStrncat wxStrncmp wxStrncpy
  • wxStrpbrk wxStrrchr wxStrspn wxStrstr wxStrtod wxStrtol wxStrtoul wxStrxfrm
  • wxFgetc wxFgetchar wxFgets wxFopen wxFputc wxFputchar wxFprintf wxFputs wxFreopen wxFscanf
  • wxGetc wxGetchar wxGets wxPerror wxPrintf wxPutchar wxPuts wxScanf
  • wxSprintf wxSscanf wxTmpnam wxUngetc wxVfprintf wxVprintf wxVsscanf wxVsprintf

Where possible, you should use the official documented API provided. See wxString, wxString Overview, and String Functions for more appropriate functions.


  • wxFSVolume (for win only)
  • wxMessageOutput and derived classes