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Since OS X shipped in 2001, is it safe to say that current wxMac developers shouldn't be worried about compatibility with OS 8 / 9 ????

I realise that wxCocoa is a long way off... but shouldn't the wxMac at least start moving away from things like resource forks and 4-char creator codes which are all pre OS X. (Even though OS X still stores them, they are really there for backwards compatibility, and new OS X applications do not use those features.)

-Matt Connolly

  • Yes, some of this article may be a bit out of date as support for OS 8/9 is about equivalent in importance as supporting Windows 98, but there is still the wxCocoa project which is still seeing updates even right now. It's really up to what applications need support for, and someone might still need this information on OS 8 or 9. As for the four character codes, those are still used and are fairly important for some functionality in Mac OS X 10.4 (and will be in 10.5) like application-file associations and other things. --Tierra 00:37, 15 June 2007 (PDT)