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MyTimerCtrl: a time picker control

A simple control composed of a wxTextCtrl and wxSpinButton. The result is very similar to the time control on Windows (in the Date/Time properties dialog). It is a good complement to the wxCalendar control.

It has been used on Windows, Linux (GTK2) and MacOsX...

There is no specific licensing scheme, but it is free of charge.

Anyone willing to submit it as part of the official distribution?


Contact: jeyoung (at)

Updated on 2007-03-27 by jeyoung (at) - Anyone care to submit this to the wxWidgets maintainers?

  • I don't currently use this control in my application, but have plans to eventually. I started work on cleaning up the code to bring it up to wxWidgets coding standards a while ago. It would probably be best for this to be submitted to wxCode. Would you be willing to maintain it there? I can probably maintain it myself if needed. Before any of that happens though, there's a good amount of work that needs to be done first. The control is missing adequate wxDateTime integration and functionality (it shouldn't be returning a wxString for the value), and I don't think it's necessary to derive a new wxSpinButton. Bakefiles need to be written up, and the sample needs rewritten with a better example without a dependency on fmod (it shouldn't depend on anything but wxWidgets, and fmod has incompatible licensing issues anyway). --Tierra 19:15, 27 March 2007 (PDT)