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Below is a list of all IDEs that have been known to work with wxWidgets. Please keep discussion of the various IDEs listed here on the discussion page. See the Tools page for other RAD tools (XRC editors, dialog designers, etc) that don't have support for building/compiling.


CLion Commercial C / C++ integrated development environment from JetBrains Software. CLion utilizes a CMake build system.
  • Tutorial - A quick-start guide to configuring CMake and compiling wxWidgets' samples with CLion.
Code::Blocks An open-source cross-platform C/C++ IDE written in wxWidgets. Its pluggable architecture enables it to be extended easily by the use of external plugins (most of its functionality is provided by plugins). Supported compilers are GNU GCC, MS Visual C++ Free Toolkit 2003, Digital Mars, and Borland C++ Compiler 5.5.
  • wxSmith - A wxWidgets RAD plugin for Code::Blocks.
CodeLite Open-source, cross platform (Windows, Linux & Mac OS) C/C++ IDE written with wxWidgets and released under the GPL license. Features context sensitive help, auto-completion, refactoring, and a full debugging GUI. CodeLite is based on plugins so it can be extended very easily.
  • wxCrafter - A free wxWidgets RAD plugin for codelite
DialogBlocks Commercial dialog editor for wxWidgets from Anthemion Software Ltd. written by wxWidgets developer Julian Smart. Besides being a RAD tool with C++ and XRC support, it also supports most common compilers and can generate makefiles and MSVC project files.
Eclipse with its CDT (C/C++ Development Tools) project (see the C/C++ development with the Eclipse Platform article at developerWorks).
NetBeans C/C++ Development Pack Sun's answer to eclipse. Open-Source (CDDL). Supports at least GNU GCC and suncc (Sun Studio Compiler).
MinGW Developer Studio IDE for Linux and MinGW ports of the GNU GCC compiler.
SPE (Stani's Python Editor) Python IDE with wxGlade integrated, and Blender support.

Windows Only

Borland C++ Builder Borland's commercial IDE
Dev-C++ Free IDE that works well with wxWidgets and MinGW.
  • wxDev-C++ - Extension for Dev-C++ with built-in form designer for wxWidgets.
Microsoft Visual C++ Microsoft's Visual C++ (some editions are free)
VisualWX Freeware IDE and RAD tool with support for MinGW, C++, wxPython, wxPerl, wxRuby, and wxLua.
Philasmicos Entwickler Studio Proprietary IDE written by Philasmicos. Free home edition available. German-speaking support (Forum DE/EN). Works well with wxWidgets and MinGW.
Zeus IDE Proprietary C/C++ IDE for Windows. Can be configured to do wxWidgets code completion and class browsing.

Mac OS Only

Xcode Apple's official IDE for Mac OS X.

Linux Only

Anjuta Open-source IDE built on GTK.
CodeForge Proprietary IDE, $295 for commercial use, $95 for private use.
KDevelop Open-source IDE built on Qt.

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