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Refer to this table for the filenames of the libraries needed later when building your application based on the configurations desired. The libraries listed here correspond to those described in the Libraries List in the official manual. Add to the filename the ".lib" extension for static VC builds or ".o" for static MinGW builds, and ".dll" for dynamic builds. If you are not using wxWidgets 2.8, replace the "28" in the filename with the version of wxWidgets you are using (ie: "26" if using 2.6).

Library Debug Release
ANSI Unicode ANSI Unicode
wxBase wxbase28d wxbase28ud wxbase28 wxbase28u
wxNet wxbase28d_net wxbase28ud_net wxbase28_net wxbase28u_net
wxODBC wxbase28d_odbc wxbase28ud_odbc wxbase28_odbc wxbase28u_odbc
wxXML wxbase28d_xml wxbase28ud_xml wxbase28_xml wxbase28u_xml
wxAdvanced wxmsw28d_adv wxmsw28ud_adv wxmsw28_adv wxmsw28u_adv
wxAUI wxmsw28d_aui wxmsw28ud_aui wxmsw28_aui wxmsw28u_aui
wxCore wxmsw28d_core wxmsw28ud_core wxmsw28_core wxmsw28u_core
wxDbGrid wxmsw28d_dbgrid wxmsw28ud_dbgrid wxmsw28_dbgrid wxmsw28u_dbgrid
wxGL wxmsw28d_gl wxmsw28ud_gl wxmsw28_gl wxmsw28u_gl
wxHTML wxmsw28d_html wxmsw28ud_html wxmsw28_html wxmsw28u_html
wxMedia wxmsw28d_media wxmsw28ud_media wxmsw28_media wxmsw28u_media
wxQA wxmsw28d_qa wxmsw28ud_qa wxmsw28_qa wxmsw28u_qa
wxRichText wxmsw28d_richtext wxmsw28ud_richtext wxmsw28_richtext wxmsw28u_richtext
wxXRC wxmsw28d_xrc wxmsw28ud_xrc wxmsw28_xrc wxmsw28u_xrc
Optional Internal Libraries (each released under different licenses):
Expat XML Parser wxexpatd wxexpatd wxexpat wxexpat
libjpeg (JPEG Group) wxjpegd wxjpegd wxjpeg wxjpeg
libpng wxpngd wxpngd wxpng wxpng
Modified Tcl Regex wxregexd wxregexud wxregex wxregexu
libtiff wxtiffd wxtiffd wxtiff wxtiff
zlib wxzlibd wxzlibd wxzlib wxzlib
wxAdvanced wxmswuniv28d_adv wxmswuniv28ud_adv wxmswuniv28_adv wxmswuniv28u_adv
wxAUI wxmswuniv28d_aui wxmswuniv28ud_aui wxmswuniv28_aui wxmswuniv28u_aui
wxCore wxmswuniv28d_core wxmswuniv28ud_core wxmswuniv28_core wxmswuniv28u_core
wxDbGrid wxmswuniv28d_dbgrid wxmswuniv28ud_dbgrid wxmswuniv28_dbgrid wxmswuniv28u_dbgrid
wxGL wxmswuniv28d_gl wxmswuniv28ud_gl wxmswuniv28_gl wxmswuniv28u_gl
wxHTML wxmswuniv28d_html wxmswuniv28ud_html wxmswuniv28_html wxmswuniv28u_html
wxMedia wxmswuniv28d_media wxmswuniv28ud_media wxmswuniv28_media wxmswuniv28u_media
wxQA wxmswuniv28d_qa wxmswuniv28ud_qa wxmswuniv28_qa wxmswuniv28u_qa
wxRichText wxmswuniv28d_richtext wxmswuniv28ud_richtext wxmswuniv28_richtext wxmswuniv28u_richtext
wxXRC wxmswuniv28d_xrc wxmswuniv28ud_xrc wxmswuniv28_xrc wxmswuniv28u_xrc