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KDevelop officially supports wxWidgets in version 3.0.

Quick Start

  1. Start KDevelop and choose Project->New Project…. In the new project dialog, in the All Projects tab, expand C++, find and expand wxWidgets, and select the Simple Hello wxWidgets Application project template.
  2. Fill out the Application Name field and choose the location of your project either by clicking the Browse… buton or entering the directory by hand in the Location edit box and click Next.
  3. Make sure the Author and Version fields are filled in, the rest are optional. Once done, click Next.
  4. If you are planning on using either CVS or Subversion, select the appropriate version control system, otherwise, leave it as none. Select Next.
  5. Customize your header file template. Once you are satisfied with it, click Next to customize your source file template. Once done with that, click Finish.

KDevelop will generate the files required to compile, debug and execute the project. The source files will be located in "<project_directory>/src".

If you open the Automake Manager you will see two windows: the top one with your project and the bottom with the source files (will be shown under the leaf of your project name), and the header files (will be shown under the leaf of Header in noinst). When you choose the Build->Build Project, or simply press F8 key, you will be asked first "Do you want to run automake and friends?" Answering Yes will result in generating the appropriate Makefiles and project compilation.

Importing Existing Code

If you already have a working project, and would like to add it to your KDevelop project, all you need to do is to add the source and header files into the project. You can do that by right-clicking on the source and header leafs in the bottom window of the Automake Manager, and selecting Add Existing Files.... You may want to remove the source files that were generated be right-clicking on them and choosing Remove. Select the "Also remove it from disk" checkbox if you don't want to leave ghost files on the disk, and press OK. All that is needed after that is to press F8, or choose the Build->Build Project menu item to re-compile. The executable will be located in "<project_directory>/debug/src".

Known Issues

  • I18N seems to not work properly, see bug #75920.