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A wiki is a website that can be edited by anyone; no knowledge of HTML and such is required. The wxWiki is currently using MediaWiki (anyone familiar with how Wikipedia works should already know how to use this wiki). If you need help navigating, reading, and searching the wxWiki, take a look at the MediaWiki Reader Handbook. If you need help editing any page of the wxWiki or just need reference for a specific feature of the page editor, see the MediaWiki Editor Handbook.

Editing Pages

You can start editing a page by clicking on the Edit link at the top of any page (with exception to the pages locked by the wxWiki administrators). You will see a page featuring a large text area where the text of the page is along with some markup. After modifying any of the information or adding new information in that text area, add a short description of what you changed in the Summary field. You should always preview any changes you make before clicking Save Page so you don't need to make multiple edits to a single page to fix mistakes.

Optionally, checking the "This is a minor edit" lets the wiki administrators, editors, and other readers know that your changes do not include any new information related to the article you are editing. Ideally, this is used when making spelling, code, or formatting corrections. Checking the "Watch this page" option (if you are logged in) will notify you of any future changes to the page you are editing in your watchlist.

Adding New Pages

Every page is identified by a unique string. To make a new page, you must first make a link to that page, by making some text with double brackets like this: [[My New Page Title]]. When you save this, the text will show up on the page as a red color link if the page doesn't already exist. Clicking on the link will open a new editor to start editing your new page that will look and work exactly the same as editing an existing page.

Additional wxWiki Features

The wxWiki supports additional wxWidgets specific features separate from the markup found in the MediaWiki Handbook.

Syntax Highlighting

The wiki supports source code syntax highlighting:

Text Result
<syntaxhighlight lang="cpp">
wxBitmap bitmap( 100, 100 );
wxMemoryDC dc;
panel = new wxPanel(m_book);
m_hsizer = new wxBoxSizer( wxHORIZONTAL );
wxBitmap bitmap( 100, 100 );
wxMemoryDC dc;
panel = new wxPanel(m_book);
m_hsizer = new wxBoxSizer( wxHORIZONTAL );

The <syntaxhighlight></syntaxhighlight> tag requires specifying the "short name" of the lexer you wish to highlight source with, using the lang="" attribute. See Pygments Lexers docs for a full list of supported lexers.


Tables can make things a lot easier to read and understand. Fortunately its very easy to make good looking tables in this wiki.

Use this code (just copy and past this for your table)

{| class=wikitable
! Numbers !! Meaning !! remark
| 1 || just some example with ''italic'' ||
| 2 || or  '''bold'''<br> || 
| 3 || or  with<br>two lines || :-)

to get this table

Numbers Meaning remark
1 just some example with italic
2 or bold
3 or with
two lines

Tables can get fairly complex if you want, but the basics rules are simple

  • '!' is a headline cell. Must be at the start of a line.
  • '|' is a vertical separator. Must be at the start of a line
  • '|-' is a horizontal line
  • The table is enclosed by '{|' and '|}'
  • When you omit the string "class=wikispace", the table looses all formatting and lines are invisible.
  • note: this class refers to a definition in the wiki's default style sheet
  • You can put each cell on its own line (usefule with a lot of text). The example has all cells on one thine. In that case only the first separator is '|',all others must be '||'. This is the same for the headline ('!', "!!")
  • you can indent the whole table by puting one or more ':' before the '{|' (mind, only before that).

Just use the preview function to play around with the layout until you are happy

Bugs & Suggestions

All wxWidgets bugs and feature requests should be submitted to the wxWidgets Trac.

All bugs and suggestions to this Wiki itself should be directly edited. When you are not sure about making a change to a page or have a comment to a section on a certain page in this wiki, you may want to use the Discussion page. You see a tab for the 'Discussion' page beside the tab of every page. This tab can be edited like a normal page, typically a section per user. Use a 2nd level headline and put in your user name, so people can get back to you via your Talk page. Its beside you login name at the top of the screen. You should get an email notification upon edits of that page.

Templates used in this wiki

See Template messages.


Feel free to practice and play with any and all features of the wxWiki in the Sandbox page. You can also find a lot of examples there.