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This article is an overview of graphics functionality in wxWidgets.

wxWidgets logo and related graphics

To get the new wxWidgets logo in hi-resolution or the "powered by wxWidgets" banner you can look at Bryan Petty's website:

Icon Collections

Icons that you might be able to use in your applications. Make sure you check the license of the icon pack you chose as the icons might be copyrighted.

Tango Desktop Project

  • Tango base icon library – public domain
  • Gnome default icon theme – according to Tango style and guidelines; more complete than the Tango base icon library; since version 2.31 available under the terms of either GNU LGPL v3 or CC BY-SA 3.0. Quality, completeness and the liberal CC license make this a very good starting point.
  • custom Gnome Icon Themes – user icon themes that typically complement the Gnome default icon theme. Varying licenses and icons not necessarily in Tango style.
  • Additional icon sets:
    • ArtLibreSet – for graphical applications, complements the above base icon sets, GPL license, not very complete. An alternative to checkout from CVS repository is this mirror.
    • Inkscape has two implementations of the ArtLibreSet that are more complete, GPL(??) license. Each ships all icons in a single SVG file from which they must be exported:
    • GIMP's implementation of the ArtLibreSet is more complete than the edition as well.


  • Open Icon Library – from the README: "Open Icon Library is an archive of icon files from various sources, designed to offer a single location for free icons.". Among many others, it contains the Inkscape default icons, but not the Inkscape ArtLibreSet implementation (Tango style).
  • SVG Icons
  • Jakub Steiner Icon Collections – mostly (L)GPL project icons
  • Mark James Icons – popular free icons (Silk is CC-BY-2.5, others in public domain)
  • Open Clipart

Graphing Functions

Libraries of functions that plot graphs