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  • wxFontMapper and co are quite non-functional with wxGTK2 - there is no notion of font encodings in pango. Could do some surgery at font-config level.


Various tasks that could be undertaken:

  • Fix wxStaticText wrapping
    • Mostly fixed by Robert, but I can provide an example where it fails. - MR
  • Implement missing drawing functions in GNOME's wxPrinterDC.
  • Implement wxDC in terms of cairo
    • wxPrinterDC is similar - libgnomeprint maps quite well to cairo with mostly prefix changes.
  • Test RPM building and write instructions to distribution makers.
  • Implement run-time checks for gstreamer. Finalize the control.
  • Write new backends for wxMediaCtrl (mplayer, libxine)
  • Post-2.6: Cooperate with other ports for a new wxList/TreeCtrl API and implement it.
  • Post-2.6: Cooperate with other ports for a wxRichTextCtrl API and implement it.


  • Make SDL support for sound be used when available, instead of --enable-sdl making it a hard dependency
    • Investigate if SDL is the best choice for this these days. Does it use the best sound system available (esound/gstreamer on GNOME, proper ALSA dmixer usage of its own if it doesn't use another system when one isn't available, etc). Maybe use something else than SDL
  • Native wxGrid control done as a gtk+ class, and then that gtk+ class wrapped by wxGrid?