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WARNING: this page is out of date and has been superseded by

Please don't edit this unless you really know what you are doing, this is not a place for feature requests. Go to for that.

Before 3.0

  • Replace thread-unsafe wxStringImpl with either our own thread-safe implementation or just use std::string
  • Update web site, in particular FAQ, also coding standards guide, probably more.

Before 2.9.0

  • Document Unicode changes, provide clear migration guide (VZ: this is mine but help is welcome...)
  • Look in Debian packages generation, we don't need ANSI ones any more so the debian/* files should be simplified.
  • support for custom controls in wxFileDialog on wxMSW (a patch from Diaa can be updated and used) and perhaps also on wxMac.
  • It would be nice to have a fix for this bug before release.

Before 2.8.8

There doesn't seem to be anything critical to do for this one.

Before 2.8.0

This list should be as short as possible due to very tight release timeline. Please only put the absolutely critical things here.

  • Fix problems with gdiplus.lib in wxMSW: we shouldn't use it but load gdiplus.dll dynamically
  • wxGTK:
    • Frame can't be closed after assert dialog had been shown (can be seen in the except sample)
  • wxX11 in Unicode build has many problems:
    • Critical Pango warnings (just run the minimal sample)
    • wxMemoryDC::DrawText() doesn't work at all
  • Fix wxDataViewCtrl compilation in wxGTK2
  • Fix mime types errors (failed conversion to Unicode trying to load theme files via wxTextFile) e.g. when running samples/html/test (showstopper bug). Happens on wxX11 and wxGTK2.
  • Fix wxTreeCtrl on Vista

During 2.7 series:

  • wxDC::IsOk() should returns false for uninitialized DCs
  • Fix new printing code to be backward compatible - at least wxPrintData is missing several methods
  • Assigned to VZ: fix dialog units mess under MSW (just use MapDialogRect())

Before 2.7.2:

  • Ensure OS/2 port is at least compilable again (SN)
  • Tar support (MW)
    • support wxFFile based temp files
    • backing files and tests
    • tar stream and tests
    • archive class factory lookup
    • filter class factory
    • non-global filesystem handlers
    • filter filesystem handler
    • archive filesystem handler
    • filesystem tests

Before 2.7.0:

  • Listbox enhancements under Mac (SC)
  • Fix wxTreeBook layout (VZ)
  • wxHVScrolledWindow refactoring (Brad Anderson) - See preliminary patch.
  • Add "Label" attribute to wxWindow for accessibility purposes?
  • Add wxRTTI macro to wxControlWithItems?

Before 2.6.3:

  • Fix wxURL::GetInputStream to not be invalidated when the wxURL instance ends (see
  • wxMSW: nested static boxes not shown (Jamie Gadd looking at this?)
  • wxGTK2: implement wxGetNativeFontEncoding() as without this i18n support in non-Unicode builds is completely broken
  • wxMSW: fix XP focus bug
  • Get rid of wxConvLocal (??) and make a private mac specific conversion object for dealing with pascal strings and data from files


Please remove the items below completely from this page if you can confirm that they do work now!

In 2.8.0

  • Move Borland from Unix to MSW in filefn.h (starts in fifth post)
  • Fix wxMimeTypeManager under Unix systems; it's very important to be able at least to get wxLaunchDefaultBrowser working on wxGTK as it's being used by wxHyperlinkCtrl and wxAboutDialog (Unassigned!)
  • Extend wxGraphicsContext API(SC)
    • CreateCairoContext static call
    • clipping support
    • Anti-Aliasing configurable ?
    • Platform specifics : Gradients under OSX, Bitmaps under Cairo
    • Dynamic load of gdiplus.dll
    • ability to target other DC types rather than just wxWindowDC
    • Decide wheter State stack includes Pens/Brushes (does natively on CoreGraphics)
  • Caret / Overlay for CoreGraphics(SC)
  • GTK+ warnings when closing the toolbar sample (MR)

In 2.6.2:

  • wxMSW: fix new problem with statusbar jumping on resize if the frame has a toolbar

In 2.6.0:

  • fix wxRadioBox backgrounds on MSW
  • do we need EVT_TREE_ITEM_MENU? if we do, how should it interact with EVT_CONTEXT_MENU?
  • Fix wxStaticText wrapping in wxGTK
  • Add a dozen of reserved virtual functions to wxWindow to be able to do things without breaking backwards compatibility in 2.6 branch later
  • Fix setting foreground colour for native controls under MSW [4]

In 2.5.5:

  • fix compilation with eVC (it crashes with ICE due to changes in wx/event.h) -- no more after wxObjectEventFunction change
  • fix wxBase (forcelnk.h) (done by MW AFAIK)
  • decide what wxFileName::SetExt("") should do to m_hasExt, rename SetNoExt() to ClearExt() if we decide to keep it (done by Robert)
  • fix bug "apptrait.h not installed on Darwin" [5]
  • fix parallel makes under Unix (missing dependencies for <tt>wxrc</tt>)
  • fix missing sample makefiles generated by configure: db, ipc, keyboard, listbox, multimon, popup, richedit(?), vscroll

In 2.5.4:

  • add "Changes" chapter to the manual, condense docs/changes.txt to be more easily scannable by moving the explanations to the manual
  • document wxSizerFlags, update sizer overview to mention them
  • remove tab sample
  • fix wxrc build in static monolithic mode under Unix (see this message)
  • fix 3rd party library naming conventions (wxzlib25d.lib, not wxzlibd25.lib)
  • integrate wxZipOutputStream
  • make streams wxFileOffset-friendly
  • regenerate project files from bakefiles once again, at least build/msw/wx_dll.dsp is not up to date
  • apply (or decide not to apply) patches 980962 (wxCharTraits) and 1005417 (wxURI)
  • Make sure that normal (non-monolithic) wxMac builds work correctly for both shared and static.)
  • Assigned to RN: Look into Kevin's treectrl dragging and libpng bugs