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To be certain that there is no code in wxWidgets that violates anyone's copyrights, sometimes code has to be tracked back to its origin. This page may act as a scratchpad for that. Currently, as this page shows, there is no reason to believe there is any code in wxWidgets that shouldn't be there. Any specific requests for clarification will be dealt with professionally, of course.


Use of SO_REUSEADDR here has been contributed by McCabe and arkanes for xMule back in March of 2003. There is no known interaction between the patch submitter (Kevin Hock) and the contributors of the UNIX socket code (arkanes and McCabe). Edit by Kevin: I did not even know that xMule existed until months after the patch had been committed.

As the change is only one line, and it is the only way to implement the functionality at hand, the change is so small it's probably not copyrightable. There's only a couple ways that code could have been any different, and it was in fact different in all those ways. The variable names were different, they used slightly different typecasting, and one checked the error code while the other didn't.


Tiku wrote some wxNotebook patches. It is not entirely clear these patches have actually made it into wxWidgets.

A new notebook class, wxListBook, has been written by Vadim for wxWidgets.


Tiku wrote some treectrl patches. It is not entirely clear these patches have actually made it into wxWidgets.


Virtual wxListCtrl was written by Vadim for wxWidgets in July of 2001.

Tiku wrote some wxListCtrl patches. Theodore did the column hiding here. It is not entirely clear these patches have actually made it into wxWidgets.


Written by Vaclav for wxWidgets.

Open question: is the current wxTaskbar code a derived work from xMule's Systray.cpp files?

  • xMule's Systray.cpp files were made originally by Tiku and later patched by Hetfield to improve functionality (and actually make it work).
  • From Vaclav's words, the wxWidgets implementation is not derived from xMule, as xMule's one is GTK-only, low-level, and generally not related to multiplatform development. wxGTK's implementation of wxTaskBar has similar code than Tiku/Hetfield's work, but this is only because there's only one way to do things, and i.e. everyone coding a GTK taskbar will use eggtray GTK code as a basis.
  • Kevin Hock offerred a bounty for wxGTK wxTaskBar implementation more than 6 months after xMule had an imlementation for GTK.
  • Kevin Hock stated in private communication that he had looked at xMule code, but decided it was not suitable for taking as a basis for the wxTaskbar code.
  • "The code was actually sent to me for consideration for the bounty, but was not suitable. I did not write any of the wxTaskBar code for wxGTK. My involvement was that I offered a bounty for the implementation." - Kevin Hock