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New to wxWidgets development? Have something you want to contribute, but don't know how? The contribution guide has the answers you're looking for.

Platform Specific Development Pages: wxCocoa, wxGTK, wxMac/wxOSX, wxMSW, wxWinCE, wxX11, wxPalm

Ongoing Topics

Current Issues

  • wxTNG - the next big version (wx The Next Generation)
  • wxRichTextEditor - work on the rich text editor for 2.9+
  • UTF-8 Support - adding support for UTF-8 build mode in wxWidgets and improving the existing Unicode build
  • XTI - overview for the extended type information
  • wxAndroid - ideas about wxAndroid.
  • wxMobile - discussion of a proposed wxMobile API


  • wxSymbian - useful information for possible future wxSymbian port

Archived Pages