Compiling wxWidgets with Xcode

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This article applies to the following versions
Platform wxWidgets Xcode
Mac OS X 10.5.6 2.8.9 3.1.2
Status: Partly Out of Date

Warning : Building wxWidgets using Xcode is generally less flexible and reliable than use the terminal. It will also not generate any wx-config. If you meet problems, wish to customize your build, want to use wx-config, or just in doubt, see Compiling wxWidgets using the command-line (Terminal).

Install Xcode

Please follow the steps described in Installing Xcode.

Download and Install wxWidgets

See Downloading and installing wxWidgets.

Build the library

Xcode Build Configurations.gif
  • Launch Xcode.
  • Open /src/wxWindows.xcodeproj (not wxWindows.xcode, which is for older Xcode versions).
  • If asked to 'Select the directory to use as the project root', select the /src folder.
  • The various build configurations can be seen in the illustration on the right. See Understanding wxWidgets Build Scheme for more info.
  • Build (command-B).
  • The build output is located under /src/build.

UPDATE: in svn v3.1.x All Xcode projects are located in /wxWidgets-svn/build/osx folder and the file wxWindows.xcode does not exist


Some (but far from all) samples come with Xcode projects (e.g. check minimal) prefer .xcodeproj projects over .xcode ones, they're made for more recent versions of Xcode.

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